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Headache-Free Home Maintenance

One simple subscription for complete home scheduled maintenance by a qualified handyman. Includes a monthly visit to maintain, clean, install, assemble move and repair anything in and around your home.

Home Maintenance for $120/month

NOW $90 for the First 3 Months

Thank you. We will respond to your request shortly!

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If Your Car Has A Maintenance Schedule Why Doesn’t Your House?

Our Club Plan Includes 70+ Home Maintenance Tasks Such As:


The Upkeep Club - Members Benefits

More Free Time

We take care of all the recurring mundane tasks that keep a home functioning. So you can stop wasting time roaming the Home Depot isles or trying catch up on the endless home to-do list. Make free time - quality time

Less Family Stress

No more delayed promises to hang pictures, replace lightbulbs or assembling new furniture

Save Energy

We ensure that your appliances are working efficiently and that your windows and doors are not leaking air.

Fewer Costly Repairs

We run through our seasonal proactive maintenance checklist to identify and address any issues early (like dry shower caulking or leaking washer pipes)

Healthier & Safer Home

We check and replace batteries regularly on your smoke and CO detectors, and ensure your fire extinguisher is working.

Reduced Professional Rates

When you need a bigger job done, we negotiate preferred club rates with professional trades and pass the savings to you. Qualified HVAC, Plumbers, Electricians - all at great prices.

Professionals on your side

Our Upkeep Attendants are experienced professionals whose job is to give you the right advice on what is the best and most cost effective way to address any house maintenance and repair related issues. We work hard to build lasting relationships with our clients

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