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Avoiding unpleasant surprises of first-time ownership

So you finally joined that elite club of homeownership that so many young families dream of and work toward. And, you likely have plans on how to decorate and furnish the place piece by piece, making it truly your very own.

There’s freedom in moving your family into a house. It provides a level of security, privacy, and comfort that even the nicest apartment complex cannot compete with.

And while your mortgage may actually be less than your rent was,

your responsibilities just increased to a level you hadn’t even considered...until that first time you realized there is no on-site maintenance person to call.

When we get our first car, we’re given a maintenance schedule that highlights the “what and when” of regular maintenance. We even get a troubleshooting list, and maybe an on-call number for emergencies.

But, where is that list and schedule for your home? Are we supposed to just know these things, or to simply anticipate unpredictable problems and hope we can cover the cost?

So the water heater just busted, and there goes the money you set aside for the kids’ summer camp. You had to forfeit an important work meeting to come home and meet with the HVAC repairman. That “minor leak” you just noticed around the base of the toilet? It’s not going away, and it’s actually causing a major leak elsewhere.

Plus, the deck should really be re-stained but that just seems...ugh, something to think about for another day. It just keeps going, and you begin to wonder- is this level of stress your new normal?

It doesn’t have to be.

If knowledge is power, then knowing how to prevent home maintenance disasters will empower you to keep your house in good condition without getting blindsided. You can protect your home, your family, your budget, and your sanity with the right information and the right allies.

Here are some basic to-do’s that homeowner should keep on their radar:

  • Change or clean your HVAC filter at least every 3 months. And at the same time check your furnace humidifier pad (if yours has one). This keeps the system from clogging up and malfunctioning.

  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 3-4 times per year, replace the batteries once a year, and while we talk about safety - check that your fire extinguisher is working and within reach.

  • Check sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets for leaks. Check the integrity of bathroom caulking and re-do when it dries out or cracks. Addressing this immediately can save thousands of dollars in damages later.

  • Flush your hot water tank every 2-4 years depending on the hardness of your water supply. This ensures your tank works efficiently, saves energy and prevents corrosion.

  • Vacuum your fridge condenser coil once a year to ensure your fridge works efficiently and to prevent premature breakdown.

These are all good safety measures, but there are many other tasks required- both routine and seasonal- to keep your home healthy. Repairing driveway cracks and descaling the coffee machine isn’t a matter of life and death, but you know they should be done to maintain your home and your comfort.

It feels like a bit much some days, once you factor in work, family, and much-desired free time.

In a perfect world, you’d have someone managing all of this for you. Someone to check filters on the regular, and help maintain appliances and systems before major issues arise. Someone to identify and tackle small problems before they mushroom into big repairs.

The Upkeep Club is trailblazing this EXACT form of proactive and all-encompassing service approach.

Most home repair companies focus on repair rather than prevention.

Imagine having a detailed task list of maintenance items, designed to keep your home in good working order, so that most repairs are prevented altogether.

Now, picture it: Along with that list, you have a professional conducting pre-scheduled home visit like clockwork, to complete all of those tasks for you.

Guess what’s back! Ball games, summer camp, girls’ night, productive workdays, and most importantly- your peace of mind. Proactive home maintenance puts you back in control of how you spend your time, energy, and resources.

Take the first step in caring for your home without it feeling brutally exhausting!

Click here to get a free consultation and your own free total-home maintenance schedule. This schedule will help you see exactly what your house needs and when.

Reclaim that sense of freedom and elation you felt when you first moved in, by adopting a home maintenance strategy that removes unwanted stress and allows you to enjoy your life and your living space worry-free.

Welcome to the club!

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