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Proactive Home Maintenance: A Smart Solution for Homeowners

Owning a home is a significant milestone, to be celebrated and enjoyed. It’s a reward for your hard work, patience, planning, and budgeting.

And it is a big achievement! But looking down the road to being an established homeowner and you know it isn’t the “end” at all. It’s the beginning of a lifelong commitment, with a myriad of responsibilities you may not have foreseen on that momentous day when you signed the closing papers.

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But that would mean that properly keeping your home can’t be a scramble to find a repair person for an emergency. Especially if it’s an issue that’s been building up quietly while you weren’t looking, and now you’re facing a disaster you did not budget for.

Your car, on the other hand, has a maintenance schedule that includes checkpoints like oil changes, replacing the brakes, flushing the transmission, etc. Most car owners are familiar with these items, and make a good faith effort to follow the recommended schedule.

And yeah, you have to book the maintenance appointment but then the pros do the rest. Some service garages even offer you an espresso and a cookie while you wait!

But wait. Where is that appointment for your house, and what maintenance manual would you be following? Isn’t it a bit odd that our car come with that extremely specific maintenance manual, yet most homeowners aren’t sure what to prioritize in order to keep their homes in good condition? And it’s not our fault. It’s like a learn as you go process for most of us, yet it feels less urgent, more tedious, and something to put off a bit longer.

And hey, let’s keep in mind that even the approach to taking care of our own body is trending toward preventative care - taking measures to keep people healthy rather than waiting for illness to strike. Healthy habits may seem like more work up front, but in the long run, they save a lot more time, money and anguish than the alternative.

So back to your amazing home. Your home like your body and car, is a complex system that is affected by the seasons, regular use, and the passage of time. It needs preventative care to stay “healthy,” just like you do.

That same proactive care finally exists for your home and the beauty of it is that it’s a simple subscription-based service. No more scrambling. No more nagging to-do-lists.

The Upkeep Club is the first company that produces and maintains a single master schedule that addresses the needs of your entire home. The result is worry-free living with well-maintained systems and appliances that will last longer and lower your utility bills.

It’s literally the upkeep you’ve been waiting for.

Have a look at just a few of the basic yet critical items The Upkeep Club does for you, that a lot of homeowners miss!

  • Inspect your smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, and fire extinguisher regularly. Your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector need their batteries replaced annually. The pressure gauge and expiration date of your fire extinguishers also need to be checked every year.

  • Clean or replace your HVAC filter. Your furnace filter needs to be replaced at least quarterly, to ensure that you’re breathing clean air.

  • Inspect your bathroom caulking. A minor leak in your bathroom can cause a harrowing amount of damage before it even becomes noticeable.

  • Air-seal your windows and exterior doors. Keeping an airtight home will reduce energy usage and decrease your utility bill.

  • Vacuum the dryer vent at least every couple of years. Neglecting this creates a fire hazard.

  • Vacuum the fridge condenser coil at least yearly. Doing so prevents premature breakdown and improves the fridge efficiency.

  • Flush your hot water tank every couple of years. This improves its water heating speed and efficiency.

  • Vacuum mattresses and rotate them at least twice a year. They will last longer this way, and it may also reduce colds and allergies. We shed up to 8 pounds of dead skin each year, which collects in our mattresses and increases the buildup of allergens and pathogens.

  • Grease your garage door tracks and rollers every year. This makes the garage opener last longer and prevents breakdown.

  • Wash the debris from your AC unit after the winter. A clean unit circulates air more efficiently, and is less prone to premature breakdown.

And if that doesn’t already feel like a time-saver, would you believe that this is just ten of the sixty-plus tasks that the Upkeep Club does for you and your home? Yet it’s as simple as your Netflix subscription!

The Upkeep Club simply maintains the beautiful home you were so proud of on move-in day and gives you the time to focus and plan for the more important and meaningful things in your life.

To have an Upkeep Club Attendant create a free whole-home

maintenance schedule for your house click here.

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