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Cure for the common Honey-Do list

The sink is still clogged, the dishwasher is acting up again, and the baby’s room is still drafty. STILL. And all those tools from last weekend’s failed fix-the-garage-door project? Still scattered on the floor in the hallway even though it remains to be fixed!

Now, he is switching out of DIY mode but is not ready yet to commit to getting someone to do the work. Perhaps he is researching yet another repair company, hoping they have affordable pricing, while crunching numbers in your budget spreadsheet.

And you get it.You know he’s tired, you really do- but so are you. You BOTH feel defeated. Nagging, pleading, ignoring, guilt-tripping, even the efforts you’ve made to help by contacting repair companies-- it all just seems like a fruitless effort.

In fact, maybe you’re the main fixer in your home, and you’ve grown weary of the endless effort toward getting things accomplished...without feeling like you’re making any headway at all.

And yet, these things still have to be addressed!

It’s time to re-evaluate. -To remember you’re both actually on the same team, and that the frustration you feel is a shared frustration that doesn’t have to become a source of tension.

When you chose your partner, you literally entered into a partnership that encompasses all aspects of the lives you’ve decided to share. With your home, that partnership gained a whole new level of responsibility. No matter how you split the duties, you need to decide together how they will get done in a way that feels equitable for you and your mate.

This includes weighing out various responsibilities- both within and outside of home maintenance- and choosing a routine that feels equitable to both of you. Sometimes, what it comes down to is realizing that you need more help.

It’s easy enough to hire a maid service, if that’s in your budget. But what about changing the air filter, fixing that leak, or de-clogging the drain? Why does it have to be a guessing game of DIY videos, trips to Home Depot, and calling the repairman when you finally give in and admit you both could use- and deserve- some assistance?

It’s time to join The Upkeep Club. Not only will you have one company to call for every issue, but you’ll have a schedule of home maintenance tasks designed to help you prevent expensive repairs. You’ll have a team who’s motivated to get to know you and your home, providing maintenance services in an organized manner that keeps you a step ahead of disaster.

No more surprises, instructional videos, or multiple trips to the home improvement store because you got the wrong size gadget or doodad.

And best of all,

no more distress from feeling like you’re in a losing battle against the house you loved when you first bought it.

The Upkeep Club allows you to partner with a team of professionals who will identify the “what” and “when” of your home’s maintenance needs- and then do the work for you. Everyone loves the sense of accomplishment in having a fully completed to-do list.

Give your honey-do list to the pros and call it done.

Now go pour a glass of wine and raise a toast to each other, for the newfound relief you both feel.

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