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One Subscription For Complete Home Upkeep
From checking your smoke alarm, to changing your HVAC filters regularly, The Upkeep Club takes care of all your home upkeep tasks year-round so you can enjoy your home without the endless maintenance chores.
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Home living on your terms!

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What We Do

The Upkeep Club offers homeowner a subscription service that ensures an experienced professional takes care of your home on a regular basis. Instead of you having to schedule and coordinate maintenance activities, we develop a specific maintenance schedule that covers everything in and around the home and then come every month to take care of it all. In addition, we perform any basic repair tasks that may be required to keep the home in great shape, so you can enjoy your home without the time-sucking mundane chores!

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What We Do

Why use The Upkeep Club

Life - simplified

The Upkeep Club is a team of caring professionals whose goal is to help you live in a home that is properly maintained without the many mundane chores that need to be done on a regular basis.

Get your time back

No more endless list of chores that need to be done on the weekend, no more boomerang trips to supply stores to find the right part or cleaning material.

Lower utilities bill

We properly maintain your appliances, your HVAC system, your windows and doors so that you reduce your energy bill.

Fewer repairs, longer life

With proactive and regular maintenance of everything in your home, you can expect fewer surprises and equipment failures.

Your family’s safety
Is our priority

We ensure that your home is safe by regularly testing your smoke and  carbon monoxide alarms, checking your fire extinguisher, and replenishing your first aid kit.

One subscription does it all

The only service that cares enough to treat your home as one complete system that requires regular preventative maintenance.

Affordable tailored solution

We work with every homeowner to tailor the right whole-home maintenance schedule that meets their needs and budget.

How it Work
the upkeep club

How It Works


Sign up

Simply select one of our no-risk annual subscription options.


Custom maintenance schedule

Our Upkeep Attendant will work with you to set a custom maintenance schedule for everything in your home. You can always change the schedule and add or remove items.


Monthly Upkeep Visit

Our Upkeep Attendant will visit your home each month to perform maintenance activities from the schedule.


Add any Upkeep chore

You can easily add any additional chores for each visit. From changing lightbulbs to assembling furniture - nothing is too small for us.

Find out why homeowners love The Upkeep Club


“Just joined The Upkeep Club and I was amazed at how thorough my home maintenance schedule is. I never realized how much I was keeping in my head and how much I did not know that needs to be done…”

Tony D. - Toronto

Upkeep Club

The Upkeep Club Difference

We are a team with a vision who believe that home living needs to be transformed. In a world where we are continuously bombarded with marketing messages, sales pitches, and transactional service offerings - we are here to bring simplicity back to homeownership.

Whole-home upkeep

Instead of having to remember when to do what chore for what item in your home - we manage a whole-home schedule and come at the right time to take care of everything in your home. We come with the right tools and materials so you do not have to waste your time walking the isles of supply stores.

Upkeep as subscription

The Upkeep Club subscription ensures that your home is consistently maintained instead of waiting for something to break and require costly repairs.

Pricing power to your advantage

For specialized services such as HVAC maintenance, carpet steam cleaning etc. we negotiate group pricing and ensure that the service provider is of the highest quality. Being part of the club gives you leverage you do not have on your own.

Relationships instead of transactions

In a world where so many look for a quick buck with a sub-par fly-by-night service, we are focused on building long term, authentic, trust-based relationships with homeowners.

Our guarantee

We can only succeed if you see value in what we do. So, if you are not satisfied, we will refund the unused portion of your subscription.

  • Why join The Upkeep Club?
    Joining The Upkeep Club is a great way to reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining your home and repairing issues. With The Upkeep Club service, you can expect your home systems and appliances to run efficiently - reducing your energy bills and premature breakdown.
  • Why is this service better than calling a handyman when I need one?
    The Upkeep Club’s goal is to maintain all components of your house so that you do not have to do all the repetitive and mundane aspects of maintaining your home. Calling a handyman is a last resort when something breaks. The Upkeep Club lets you live in a well maintained home.
  • How do I join The Upkeep Club?
    Simply use the Contact Us form on our website or call 416 XXX-XXXX and we will be glad to enrol you in The Upkeep Club.
  • How do I add chores for my Upkeep Attendant?
    Adding chores is simple. When you join the club, you will be able to email or text us with any special requests that are in addition to the regular maintenance schedule. We can do any handyman task- from touching up scratches on a wall, to replacing lightbulbs, to repairing scratched wood floor, etc.
  • How do I pay for the service?
    You will be charged a recurrring monthly membership fee which covers the monthly visit up to an hour and half. Additional time is charged in half-hour increments.
  • What if I am not happy with the service?
    Clients can cancel their subscription service at any time. At The Upkeep Club we foster a sense of transparency and communication with our clients. So, if at anytime we fall short, we want to know as soon as possible so we can address it and get better.
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